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The Vanguard List

THE VANGUARD: a group of people who lead the development of new ideas.
-- Cambridge Dictionary

Plenty of Pie is proud to join the Studio System Diversity Spotlight and present “The Vanguard List”, a specially curated showcase of unproduced feature film scripts and documentaries from diverse voices across the globe.


From comedy to thriller to documentary feature and set in locations from Detroit to Syria to Ghana to San Diego, these projects highlight the originality and creativity that resonates with audiences worldwide. We invite you to connect to their producers and discover new opportunities to make independent films and documentaries through a diverse lens.

Project Title
Studio and/or Production Company
All The Lovely Things
Maeyen Bassey
Both Ends of the Gun
Documentary Feature
Omar Mullick
Dan Halperin, Erik Osterholm, Michael Simkin, Omar Mullick
Epiphany Pictures, Dan Halperin Productions, Artifactual Media
Country of the Sun
Drama Thriller
Nadia Hamzeh
Nadia Hamzeh
Night Hue Productions
Good Chance
Tricia Lee
Life Like That
Nikki Hevesy
Anne Marie Gillen
Gillen Group, LLC
LIKE A ROLLING STONE: The Life & Times of Ben Fong-Torres
Documentary Feature
Suzanne Kai
Freida Lee Mock, Doug Blush, Alvin Lau, Tony Hsieh, Bryn Mooser
Queen Bess
Historical Drama
David G. Zanardi
Susannah D'Arcy, David G. Zanardi, Bella Pace, Rick Schwartz, Charlene Tineo, Leah Daniels-Butler
Solax Film Studios
Romantic Comedy
Monice Mitchell Simms
Monice Mitchell Simms
Flower Girl Productions
Shooting Star
Thriller, Drama
Anil Baral
Carla Blair
Action Adventure
Fay Hauser Price, Tim Collare, Andrea Everhart
Fay Hauser Price, Tim Collare
Hauslights, LLC, Live Oaks Productions, LLC
The Outrageously HomoFunky Adventures of Sergio Menendez
Comedy Musical Fantasy
Felix Pire
The Ritual of ManHood
Documentary Feature
Sylvia L. Jones
Sylvia L. Jones, Rubye Lane, Eli Williamson
Sounds like Joy Productions
The Soul Trader
Mike Underwood
Susan Dynner, Lauren Bancroft, Shauna Grace
Aberration Films
Tiger Zero Three
Ken Henderson
Brian McLaughlin, Penelope Korff
Emerald Elephant Entertainment
True North
Katherine Ruppe
Susan Cartsonis, Suzanne Farwell, Brent Emery
Resonate Entertainment
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